Connect your properties to all major booking sites and millions of visitors.

NextPax: the leading channel manager platform for the vacation rental industry

Based in the Netherlands, NextPax serves the vacation rental and hotel market with a unified platform for owners, managers and agents to offer, book and update properties through all available channels. Updates and bookings are done instantly and synced throughout the network.

I own/manage vacation rentals/hotels. What can NextPax do for me?

We can boost your reach and exposure dramatically. We are preferred partners with the world’s major booking channels, such as and HomeAway as well as geographically targeted sites and agencies. With your property management system (PMS) connected to NextPax, or using our property manager interface, your property’s availability, prices, photos and booking conditions will be updated in real-time and made available to practically every person worldwide shopping for a holiday accommodation. Once a booking has been made, it will be sent back to your PMS through the platform instantaneously.

  • get your property on all major booking websites
  • boost your properties exposure
  • get more bookings from around the globe
  • update rates, availability and inventory instantly
  • ensures no overbookings occur
  • sync booking information automatically with your calendar
  • free integration support and documentation
  • facilitate payments

Would this mean I have to get a new property management system (PMS)?

No, generally speaking this would not be needed. Many different management systems are being used around the world. We developed our system to be fully adaptable, open and inclusive. That has allowed us to successfully connect with countless types and brands of PMS so far. 

So how does it work?

An example: let’s say you have a new beach villa in your inventory. You add it to your online portfolio with a description, location, pricings, availability details, photo’s, conditions – exactly the way you are used to with your own PMS. This time however, you are supported by NextPax. Our system connects with yours and translates the new information into the data formats used by the various booking channels of your choice and updates them. Your beach house’s exposure just went up from one to hundreds of sites and channels, multiplying your potential customer base exponentially.
The connection is realtime and two-way. The very second a booking of your property is confirmed on one of the channels, the NextPax system blocks its availability (for the confirmed period) in all other channels to eliminate double bookings. Next, NextPax updates your management system with all relevant information, such as guest information, booking dates and billing details.

How about payments?

We are NOT merchant of record, this means you will directly receive the payment from the guest or distribution company. We are fully PCI compliant, this means we are certified by the payment industry to handle credit cards. We will transfer the credit card details from the distribution company through our platform to you or your payment provider to facilitate the payment by the guest or distribution company. This way you are in control of your funds at all times.

What more can you tell me?

There’s so much more we can tell you about NextPax. About the many clients we have helped so far, about the millions of visitors that connect through us each day… But we would rather speak with you in person and tell you about what we can do to help you grow your business. If you want the most effective, efficient and easy to use system to get your vacation rentals in front of millions of visitors, please contact us!

You can also download the NextPax brochure for an overview of all company features.